About G7VGY

I have recently returned to the hobby after a break of about ten years, and I’ve slowly over the few years or so got back on the air, and active again.

Here are a few pictures of my shack, [too add] it’s a hand built shed by a local company here on the Isle of Wight, and it sits on top of a reinforced concrete base.  It’s got double glazed windows and door and has lots of insulation between the inner and outer cladding so it’s nice and warm in the winter, although I do have to use a small oil filled radiator to heat it during the winter.  I’ve fitted some guttering and a water butt to collect any rain water (and we get a fair amount here in the UK) which is then used to water the garden.

I’ve divided the shed into two, one half of the shed is for storing my tools, some garden tools and other household stuff like ladders and workmate, the other half of the shed has been taken over as my shack and it is in this half that I’ve set up my computer, my radio’s and other bits and pieces.

My PC is a home built computer based on an AMD processor; I’ve fitted two 500 GB hard drives, a couple of DVD drives and 8 GB of RAM,  the graphics card is probably the weakest link in the PC, being just the on board graphics card that came with the motherboard.

Radio wise, I’ve bought myself a brand new Icom IC-7100 which I love, it is nice and small, has a great touch screen interface and is all band, all mode. I also have and Icom IC-706 on loan from a friend, I also have my old Lowe H-225 HF receiver that I use now and again.  For VHF / UHF I have a Kenwood TM-V71E which isn’t getting much use now I’ve bought the IC-7100!!  I’ve also bought the new Wouxun KG-UV8D for portable use.

I have a fairly small garden so can’t fit large antenna’s in, however I have a G-Whip OCFD for HF and a simple dual band collinear for VHF / UHF bands.


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