Patch Leads | PL259 & SMA

I had an unplanned day off work to play radio, so with a brew in hand I headed off down the garden to the shack to play radio! With the Kenwood tuned in to GB3IW I was all set for a few hours listening in to the local chatter and rolling coverage of the local weather and travel conditions.

Sat on the workbench in the shack I noticed that I had some Messi & Paoloni ULTRAFLEX 7 left over from my earlier End Fed antenna installation and I thought it would be a good idea to make up some 1m patch leads to use in the between my antenna switches and my HF and VHF/UHF radios.

No better time than now, so I set about cutting the coax into 1m lengths, then prepared each end for the Pl259’s to be fitted, firstly by sliding the locking nut, flat washer and rubber sealing gland over the coax before removing around 17mm of the outer sheath.  Next, the top hat piece was carefully slid over the inner conductor and pushed tightly against the end of the coax, with a sharp knife the inner insulator was removed and the braid cut nice and neatly.  For the next stage the main body of the connector was fitted, and the inner conductor soldered.  Once cool two 16mm spanners were used to tighten the locking nut and connector body together.

Full instructions for fitting different connectors including N Type, SMA and PL259 can be found on the M&P website, along with pictures that show each step.

Whilst not exactly technical this turned out to be a nice little project and within a few hours I’d made up 6 patch leads ready for fitting.